Om Mekki Education

Mekki Education tilbyr lederopplæring og fasiliterer nettverksbygging og erfaringsdeling med skoleeiere og skoleledere nasjonalt og internasjonalt gjennom blant annet foredragsvirksomhet, seminarer og konferanser og studieturer.

Internasjonale samarbeidspartnere:

Dr. Avis Glaze
International partner

Dr. Avis Glaze is an international leader in education who has worked with educators at all levels in some 50 jurisdictions across the world.  She has advised governments on education reform and system effectiveness. She knows firsthand what world class education looks like with her track record of working with school leaders to close achievement gaps and improve the attainment of children from diverse backgrounds.  For her,  excellence and equity must go hand in hand. Her workshops are research-informed and practical, enabling educators to improve their competencies and re-ignite their passion, confidence and optimism for what they are capable of achieving in education.

Professor Andy Hargreaves
International partner

Professor Andy Hargreaves has during the last three decades established himself as one of the most trendsetting international theory-developer and communicator of professional development and leadership across different educational systems. He has served at University of Toronto and Boston College of Education, and he is currently visiting professor at Stavanger University. His research encompasses a range of books and research articles on leading educational change, professional development and school culture. His latest book, “Collaborative Professionalism: When Teaching Together Means Learning for All”, is a vital source of this program and will be at the center of professor Hargreaves’ lecture during the third session in Toronto. Several of his books are available in Norwegian.


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